Our rate structure for online generation of database scripts is very reasonable. There are 5 useful scripts that you can generate here. Normal fee for permanent life membership for each type is US$ 60.

Send your money by any one of the following methods for both scripts generation and website designing:-

  1. Via Cash2India.com to Satyapal Bhardwaj, Merchant Account No.1139. Please fill in the Merchant account number on the Payment Page of Cash2India.com against the "Select Method" of Payment page (towards the bottom of the page).

  2. To Satyapal Bhardwaj, Account No. 700-1-006067-8, Standard Chartered Bank, Sector 9, Chandigarh, India, Swift Code SCBLINBBXXX.

  3. Via to us, then Email us.

Script Language Normal Fee US$ Remarks
ASP MS Access Database 60  
Perl-CGI CSV Database 60  
Php MySQL Database 60  
Perl CSV Forms Scripts Free  
Php CSV Forms Scripts Free