Spamming is a big nuisance. More than two billion dollars are wasted annually because of spammers. They are a lot of one of the biggest criminals. Ways must be found to send them to jails. Below is a list of some of the spammers that are wasting our time.

You can copy these and paste them in spam killer program on your server to protect yourself and avoid wasting your time and discourage spamming.

If your email address or server name is listed and you have decided not to spam or you think that you are unfairly listed here, please email to moc.gnitsohtnec17@aytas for necessary action by us.

As an internet user you can help in stopping spam by not buying any product being promoted by spam emails; we would request you to please spread this message.

Harvesting email addresses from websites is done by use of scripts. This can be prevented from being harvested and used for spamming. A very useful method is by using css as below.

A style should include:
       .backwards { COLOR: #c00; DIRECTION: rtl; unicode-bidi:bidi-override }
Now all email addresses can be written backwards as:-
      <span class=backwards>moc.gnitsohtnec17@aytas</span>
which will produce in the browser as above.

Spammers List